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CRIB FOR A NEW-BORN Our cribs are of multifunctional use. They can be used as a bed for a baby, thanks to its oval shape, giving the baby safety and comfort similar to what the baby felt in the mother's womb. The crib can be adjusted with drawstrings. When the baby is small, the strings can be tightened. The crib works perfectly for parents sleeping with a new-born baby, eliminating the risk of accidental harm done to the baby during sleep. The crib can be moved with the baby inside always when the mother needs it. If a walk is planned or if we know the baby is going to fall asleep, the crib can be put inside the pram and the baby moved home without being woken up. We are aware of how badly and nervously new-born babies react to the change of location. In the crib your baby shall always feel safe and comfortable. Apart from that, our cribs were designed in a way which ensures eyesight stimulation, important at this age. Scientists noticed that the most attractive colours are the contrasting ones, such as black and white, and images which have simple shape. In the early stages of life they are more stimulating than complicated, multicoloured toys. Showing the babies contrasting black and white images shall improve their development. This is why our images are placed on the left and on the right side of the crib, within 20 centimetres distance. It's the best location and distance. Watching the images shall give a lot of pleasure to the baby and contribute to the development of the baby.


*70 cm length, 40 cm width, 60 cm the length of the inside

*filling of the sides - anti-allergic silicone balls

*the pillowcase - 100% cotton

*filling - anti-allergic fabric

*after the filling is removed, the crib can be washed in 40°C

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