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Multifunctional cocoon - Amusement park

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Multifunctional cocoon

A multifunctional baby cocoon created by Sango Trade for modern mothers and their babies.

Our cocoon will serve every mother and child for a long time thanks to its extremely practical functions, thanks to which we will limit ourselves to one product instead of a few.


For a pregnant mother - as a pregnancy pillow - relaxation longer After giving birth:

Cocoon for a baby both in a cot or on a sofa

Feeding pillow

The multi-functional mattress can be a mat / changing table

Cot bumper

Wall protector for single bed

The baby feels very comfortable and cozy in it, just like in the mother's womb.

The cocoon will also be perfect when our baby starts to sit down as a play mat, the sides of the cocoon on the floor will protect the baby from possible impact.

Our playpen has a handle on the side, so we can easily move it to another place, of course, without the baby inside.

The cocoon is made of 100% certified cotton with a safe print in combination with a soft, pleasant Velvet, it is double-sided, we can change its appearance by turning inside out, the soft sides are filled with anti-allergic silicone ball and the mattress with polyester fleece.

The Sango Trade playpen has been designed so that its use is difficult, the product after unfastening the mattress from the longer with a zipper which is placed on the outer side of the cocoon is fully washable at 30 sides with the slightest spin.

It is not recommended to press the cocoon.

Pregnancy pillow - relaxing longer

The relaxation pillow already during pregnancy allows every future mother to sleep comfortably overnight, enables effective rest, relieves the spine, and provides comfort while sitting and lying down. After birth, it becomes an invaluable help in feeding your baby. A special filling keeps the child in a comfortable position for both the toddler and the parent. A long pillow shaped into a socket is perfect as a safety net during the first attempts to get up and sit down.

Sango Trade

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