Great care for detail

In Sango Trade, above all, we care for the quality and aesthetics of wide range of bedding sets and accessories designed to make children rooms more beautiful, so that the rooms could be warmly remembered in adult life

We put our hearts into it

All our products are hand sewn and hand packed. At every stage of production we do our best to make sure that the most demanding customers – these youngest and those a bit older – are satisfied

Our offer includes products in original colours, interesting patterns, and we specialize in non-standard solutions. It all serves one purpose – to stimulate your child’s imagination with the use of pattern and colour. Idea, aesthetics, quality – it’s our motto in our daily work. Each customer is treated individually as we want to make shopping in Sango Trade a pleasure

To make parents rest assured that their children sleep well

We make all efforts to make sure our product meet parents’ expectations and help their children sleep comfortably, healthily and – above all - safely. For the production of our accessories we use only non-sensitizing materials of highest quality. Production process is monitored so each product includes only safe and well-designed elements

All sheets and accessories are made of high quality Polish 100% cotton fabrics, dyed with safe dyes and contain no toxic ingredients. They also have security certificates: Certificates of the Textile Institute, and Certificate of "Trust Textiles" OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask – we will gladly advise you and answer all your questions. The quality of our services is also a priority for us. Do you want to know more about Sango Trade? Read About Sango Trade: