About Sango Trade

Who we are

We are a Polish company with years of experience in production of bedding sets for children, accessories for new and future parents, and original decorations which turn children rooms into colourful places excellent for rest and play.

We are parents too! This is why we know perfectly well that a birth of a new child is a great celebration which requires a lot of preparation – the preparation is made in our hearts and minds in the first place, but also at our homes. This is a mission for Sango Trade!

We understand how important the surrounding environment is for your child

In our staff there are specialists in decorating and equipping children rooms. It is our intention to make the rooms exceptional, memorable, beautiful and colourful places where children feel happy and safe.

 Our bedding sets, swaddle wraps, pillows, sleeping bags, crib protectors and many other accessories and decorations are hand-made from the materials of the highest quality, with the use of original patterns

Do you want to know more about our products? See how our products are made: